2024 Winter Life Groups

From January 7th, our 12-week Life Group program will strengthen your knowledge of God's Word, and grow you in other areas of your walk as well!

We also have a Life Group classes for children and teens, and our nursery will be available for children ages 3 and younger. Children ages 3-5 will meet on the first floor in room 102, grades 1-6 will meet in room 101, and all teens will meet upstairs in Room 202.

Show up on Sunday at 9:30 AM, and get connected to one of the groups listed below!

Joy-Full House

Join this class to learn from the Bible how to build Christ-filled homes for Joy-filled couples!

Build Below the Baseline

Deacon Jim Onze will show you from God's Word how to establish a good foundation in your Christian walk.


As we travel through the life of Moses, we will learn that those who honor God will be honored by God.


Explore the life of Ruth in our ladies' class, and gain profound insights on love, faith, and redemption!

Amor y Respeto

La mayoría de las esposas se preguntan: "¿Por qué no puedo lograr que mi esposo me ame tanto como yo lo amo a él?" La mayoría de los esposos se preguntan: "¿Cuándo voy a empezar a recibir el respeto que merezco?" Únete a nosotros en un viaje y aprende sobre el matrimonio tal como Dios lo diseñó.

3 to 5 Year Old Program

Our 3 to 5 year old children's class aims to introduce the Bible to our younger children in fun and engaging ways! This class is taught by Mrs. Autumn Kodnia.

Kid's Class (Grades 1-6)

This class will teach our precious children Scripture through exciting stories and activities! Watch your children grow as they get plugged into the exciting truths of the Bible.

Bring your kids down to room 101 on Sunday morning at 9:30!

Youth Alive Teen Ministry

All of our teenagers will join Mike Scarpetti upstairs as he teaches Biblical principles that bring clarity and understanding to a confusing world.

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 upstairs in room 202.

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