A Great Place for Children

Many people have the misconception that church is supposed to be boring and dull. This is especially not the case with Master Clubs!

Master Clubs is an exciting weekly club program that teaches kids how to explore the world through God's Word. The goal of Master Clubs is to disciple or train children on how to effectively live for God. This is accomplished through project workbooks, badge projects, Scripture memorization, and a low Clubber to Leader ratio.

Life Application

We help children develop godly habits by providing opportunities for them to practice what they have learned during Bible lessons or book time. Each workbook has projects that the children complete, such as making cookies for a neighbor, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, cleaning a neighbor's yard, writing notes to siblings, parents, and the pastor, and many more. This helps establish good habits in these children's lives that all Christians ought to possess.

What We Do

The Master Clubs program consists of Rally Time, Bible Time, Book Time, Game Time, and Award Time. Each of these times will reinforce Bible truths and build godly character. We would love for you to visit your child's Master Clubs department to see the exciting things that take place for yourself!

Connect with us:

White Oak Baptist Church
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